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In sound effects made for movies, they do stuff like take a tin foil pan and roll beans around in it to sound like thunder.

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2008-03-01 22:46:45
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Q: How do you make the sound of thunder?
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Why does thunder make a sound?

thunder does not make sound. thunder is the sound that lightning makes.

Can thunder make you blind?

No, thunder is sound. It can make you deaf, but not blind.

Why does thunder make a boom sound?

Thunder makes a boom sound because of the waves of air.

What is sound made by thunder called?

Thunder doesn't make a sound--thunder is a sound. It's the sound made by lightening. The electricity in lightening causes the rapid expansion of hot air, which creates shock waves: i.e. thunder.

Does lightning make a sound?

lighning does make a sound but most people refer to it as thunder

What is stronger lightning or thunder?

Thunder i guess but lightning make a sound of thunder so it would probably be both!

How does the weather lightning and thunder make a sound?

when there is a flash of lightening the air molecules around the bolt of electricity make a popping sound thus making thunder

What sound does a thunder make?

rumble or boom... maybe broomble!

What the sound of thunder?

Thunder is the sound of lightning, because lightning moves faster then sound it takes a few seconds for the sound to catch up. So there is no sound of thunder, thunder is just the sound of lightning.

Why is thunder associated by lightning?

thunder and lightning needs to be together without thunder lightning would make no sound and without lightning it would just be flashes in the sky without sound

How does thunder make huge noises and sounds?

Thunder makes a signifacent sound by the clouds bumping together.

Is thunder the noise of lightning?

Yes. The electrical energy of a lightning bolt has so much energy that it produces sound waves that make the sound of thunder.

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