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ur gonna have to get it reupholstered bro, i got the same By removing the door panel and you can get at it from the rear to spray adhesive onto the back of the spot that is coming loose by creating a small opening. Then lay the panel flat and apply pressure against the loose spot to reglue it. Or, try heating the spot with a hair dryer and them apply pressure to the spot to re-glue it. Heating it may make the glue re-stick. Use a ziplock bag full of sand to press against a curved spot so equal pressure is applied.

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2009-08-08 21:23:59
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Q: How do you repair the leather on the interior door panel that has pulled away from the panel?
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In a repair manual - I have Chilton's but Haye's will also do.

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Should be able to access after removing interior door panel

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To repair the wrinkling of the leather you must take the panel off of the door.1. Remove cover plate in door grip and take the 2 screws out.2. Remove the 2 white plastic clips from the bottom of the door panel3. Remove the door grip and disconnect electrical connection4. Lift panel slightly up and then away from the door5. Remove the top rail covering the leather wrapping on top of the panel6. Reglue the leather to the panel after stretching out the wrinkles7. Reverse the process of panel removal.

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The tools for paintless dent repair allow for the panel to be both pushed out by metal rods and pulled out by glue or tab. Additionally good lighting is needed to view the dent.

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please check interior fuse panel, dont check fuse panel in the engine room. Check fuse number 6 or 7, the fuse maybe broken

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Which trim panel?

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