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you cant

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Q: How do you tune a cello with a guitar tuner?
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Can you tune a banjo with a guitar tuner?

yes if you have the right tuner

How do you tune a guitar without a tuner?

Various ways. Have some you know who is knowledgable at guitar tune it by ear. Pluck strings with another guitar until the sound is in harmony. Youtube guitar tune and "harmony" with that. Buy a tuner.

What is a digital guitar tuner?

A digital guitar tuner is a software that allows you to tune your guitar using direct input, microphone, or MIDI tones.

What notes do i use to tune a violin and can i use an electric guitar tuner?

you have to use A on the piano to tune your violin on A and put 4 fingers on E to tune E and so on and you cannot use a guitar tuner

Can you use a guitar tuner to tune a violin?

Sure, provided the guitar tuner is chromatic, and you know what notes and intervals to tune the violin in (usually fifths, unlike guitars, which are tuned in fourths).

Can a guitar tuner be used to tune an ukulele?

It depends on the notes used and just how the tuner works. In most cases the guitar tuner has a chromatic mode which can be used to tune an ukulele and vice versa. You will need to know what the notes you want are!

How do you tune a guitar flat?

The most accurate way is with a chromatic tuner to drop to a flat tune.

Can you use an ukulele tuner to tune a guitar?

It depends upon the tuner as to what notes it can cover. If the tuner can cover the notes you want, certainly!

Can you use a guitar tuner to tune a bass?

yes, infact guitar tuners work for any instrument.

How do you tune electric bass?

I don't play the electric bass, bt I imagine you tune it just like an electric guitar. Get a tuner, then use an amp cord to plug it into the tuner. Then just tune it.

Should I buy an auto tunner to help me tune my new acoustic guitar?

Generally speaking, buying an auto tuner is a good idea when purchasing a guitar. It's not impossible to tune your guitar without one, but it is extremely difficult to tune it with the accuracy that an auto tuner will give. A guitar that's out of tune will sound awful even when being played brilliantly.

What is an online tuner used for?

An online tuner is used to tune a guitar online via a computer. One can connect a guitar to the computer using the microphone socket and then by playing notes and matching them against the software tune it accurately.

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