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The vibration of the strings causes the soundboard (top) of the guitar to vibrate in a similar manner. The vibration of the soundboard then causes the air inside (and around) the guitar to vibrate...the vibrations of the air is what you hear.and what you hear is known as a sound wave or sound waves

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Q: How does a guitar vibrate and make its sound?
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What vibrates to make the sound when a guitar is played?

The strings vibrate, the body of the guitar projects the sound

How do guitar strings vibrate to make sound?

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How do guitar strings vibrate to make sound -?

How do guitars work

How guitar stings vibrate?

When strummed, guitar strings make small, fast vibrations that make sound.

What will vibrate in a guitar?

It's a common misperception that the body of the guitar vibrates to create the sound. Actually it the column of sound around the guitar and in the guitar which vibrates to create the sound. When you vibrate the strings, the air around it vibrates causing the air in the guitar to vibrate.

What is the primary vibrator of an acoustic guitar and what is the vibrating object that makes the sound?

The strings vibrate to make the sound.

What vibrate to make the sound of a guitar?

I now that it is the string ,reed ,skin and metal block.

How is sound made by a guitar?

the strings vibrate and sound is made.

What is the sound of violin?

The strings vibrate... like a guitar.

Which part of guitar vibrate and produce sound?

The strings.

How does gitar produce sound?

The player makes the strings vibrate, which makes the body of the guitar vibrate, which makes the air vibrate. And vibrations in the air, at a certain set of frequencies, is what sound is.

Do the frets on a guitar make the sound?

The frets don't nessicarily make the noise, but the tension on the frets as you get higher on the fretboard is what makes the noise. It's the strings that make the sound. They vibrate when you pluck them producing a sound. The sound is amplified in the body of the guitar(acoustic guitar). The frets enable you to vary the length of the strings thus making them produce a different sound.

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