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Take scorpion venom and dissolve it with alcohol/water, dilute in a ratio of 9:1 and succuss (strike forcefully) 10 times, take a tenth portion of that and repeat dilution and succussion step 12 times, to create a 12X potency remedy. Take a portion immediately, save the rest for future emergency.

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2017-06-16 02:58:17
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Q: How would you heal a scorpion sting if you were a pioneer?
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How do you heal a scorpion sting if you were a pioneer?

I would suck it out then spit it out.

How do you heal a scorpion bite in the 1800s?

wait to die

Can you heal a wasp sting with sodium?

You can't. :)

What heal a jellyfish sting?

An antihistaminic medicine. Or, to save money, rub vinegar all over it and that would disenfect it.

How does a jellyfish sting heal?

You can pee on your sting as long as below waist, and can get a speical medicine from the life guard or somewhere near the Ocean.

How do you take care of the sting feeling from when you pee?

When you pee, you heal the infection that is causing the stinging.

How do you neutralize a wasp sting?

To neutralize a wasp sting, the best thing to do is pour warm water with baking soda mixed into it. The baking soda water contain a weak alkali which will ease the pain of the acidic solution and would put it back to its normal pH.gWhich should Heal you're sting

Is it safe to use hydrogen peroxide on my dog's teeth?

No, the effects would be rough as the feeling of sting would occur if a womb is in the mouth only used to heal or clean up a blood cloth.

How long does it take for an untreated bee sting to heal?

The time for a bee sting to heal can depend on a number of factors:Different people respond differently to bee stings.The site of the sting. Stings to the face or neck are often worseThe amount of venom injected by the sting. The quicker the sting is removed, the less venom there will be because the sting can continue injecting venom for up to two minutes after the bee has gone.From personal experience (you can't be a beekeeper and not expect the occasional sting) the pain will go in an hour or two, but any swelling can take anything from a few hours to a couple of days.

How do you heal a scorpion pinch?

lemon, but if u mean with its, claw, dont worry 'bout it, 'till be fandy dandy.

On horses how do you treat a bee sting?

A bee sting on a horse is not a serious threat to the animal. The only exception is if the horse is allergic. A bee sting can be left to heal on its own. If there is an allergic reaction, a vet should treat the horse.

How long to it take to heal a bee sting?

Its 1 or 2 days it depends on how many times you were stung.

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