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To add to the question, I am employed at a grocery store in Ohio. On 3/11/06 , I found an envelope with money in it. I did not hesitate to turn it in to my manager. He attached a label and took notes down stating that I had found it, and what date. It now is in the safe of the store. I inquired yesterday as to whether it was claimed or not. They said no. I asked what the store policy was, and they said they don't have one, but I probably won't get it. They said it will probably just be placed in the back of the safe and left there. I said, "Oh well, it wasn't that much anyhow.", and they told me it was a decent sum of money. I would like to know if I have any rights to the money. I would rather donate it to charity than leave it sit useless in the back of a safe. Thanks

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2006-04-06 16:01:48
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Q: If you find money and no one claims it are you entitled to it?
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