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Q: Justin Bieber favorite basketball team
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Who is Justin Bieber's favorite Basketball team?

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is suns basketball

What Justin bieber's favorite basketball team?

he likes the lakers

What is Justin Bieber's faveourite basketball team?

His favorite basketball team is the Cleveland Cavs he specificly said it on youtube

What is Justin Bieber favorite basetball team?

Justin Bieber's favorite basketball team is the....... Maple Leaves in Toronto, Canada. Hope this helps! Love all of y'all JB lovers!

What basketball team does Justin Bieber like?

Justin Bieber likes the lakers

Does justin bieber like new orleans hornets basketball team?

Justin Bieber hasn't made any public statements on whether he does or doesn't like the New Orleans Hornets. His favorite basketball team is the LA Lakers.

What is Justin Bieber basketball team name?

the lakers

What is Justin Bieber's favorite college basketball team?

it is the North Carolina Tarheels go UNC! BOO DUKE FANS

What jusin bieber favorite baseball team?

Justin Bieber likes the white sox, but his favorite baseball team is the Yankees

What is the favorite basketball team of Justin Bieber?

They were the Detroit Pistons and Lakers, but now it is the Cleveland Cavaliars. I've see many-a-match with him.

What Justin bieers favorite basketball team?


What is Justin Bieber's favorit basketball team?

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is the LOS ANGELAS LAKERS.his favorite player from that team is, Kobe BryantHe loves the Los Angelos Lakers, and his fav player is Kobe Bryantlos angles lakersJustin Bieber fav. b-ball team is the Kentucky Wildcats because he likes John Callipari.According to an interview, she is quite a fan of England's national netball team. When asked to clarify if that's what she really meant, she said that's what she really meant.what is Justin biebers fav basketball team He likes the Cavs

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