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songs by eminem

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Q: What are the best songs for children to sing?
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Which are the easiest songs for children to learn and sing?

The easiest songs for children to learn and sing are happy and catchy songs. Songs dealing with Christmas are ones that children learn fast and sing. 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' and 'Jingle Bells' was popular Christmas songs.

What kind of songs do children sing?

Children usually sing songs that are very catchy or that they hear off of children's shows, as they have a very upbeat tune and easy to remember lyrics for the kids to sing.

What song do children sing in La boheme?

Children sing songs like Addio dolce in La Boheme. There are also various other songs that children sing like Ascolta ta Ascolta.

Where could one find songs about pirates to sing with children?

YouTube has numerous videos about pirates with associated songs. Talk Like a Pirate, Sing Up, Songs for Teaching and Majesty music are all online sources about pirates and music which one could sing to children

What country do children sing songs to get Christmas presents?

In united states.....

Do British children sing special songs on valentines day?


Good songs for young people to sing at church?

well, young people like to sing upbeat songs but the best you could do is sing songs from sister act 1 or 2. it will really get them in a good mood and want to sing songs. good luck!

What are songs that primary school children can sing at a concert not related to Christmas?

fun songs like nursery rhymes and laughter songs

In which place do children have to sing songs or poems to receive Christmas presents?

In Jerusalem

What did Egyptian children do to entertain themselves?

They play board games and sing songs.

What is schoolhouse rock?

Really? It's the best learning program for smaller children. They sing songs that are very catchy and they stick in your head like a parasite.

What product is best to help you learn how to sing?

the best you can do to help you learn how to sing is start singing songs and get vocial lesons from a teacher.

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