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Probably about the same, actually. The technology for bass guitar pickups and Electric Guitar pickups are very similar, with only slight differences. Still, you're going to sound better on a guitar with a guitar pickup.

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Q: What does a bass pickup sound like on an electric guitar?
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What is the pickup on the electric bass guitar do?

It makes it louder

What is the difference between a guitar and a bass guitar?

First of all, a "bass-guitar" is not a "bass-guitar" it's a electric bass. To tell the difference between a electric bass and a guitar is the electric bass has a lower sound to fit into the beat and the guitar has a higher pitch sound, even a acoustic guitar.

What does the pickup on an electric bass guitar do?

it picks up the sounds frrom the bass

How does the sound of electric guitars differ from bass guitars?

A bass guitar is really low sounding and the highest string on a bass guitar is the lowest on an electric guitar.

How does the electric bass guitar produce its sound and how it works?


Can you play an electric bass through a guitar amp?

No--because the sound vibrations are longer on a bass than on a guitar, playing an electric bass on a guitar amp will blow the amp. You can play a guitar through a bass amp, though.

Is there any tone significance of a pickup cover on an electric bass or electric guitar Or is it just for looks and protection?

looks and protection, yet sometimes may effect sound just a bit.

Does an electric guitar solo sound more awesome than a bass guitar solo?

bass is lower so depends on what you want

What is the difference between a electric bass and a electric guitar?

6 string guitar = treble electric bass= bass

How do the electric bass sound like?

Like a guitar but 1 octave lower

Can an electric guitar be played on a bass guitar amp?

Short answer: yes. Long answer: no. The truth is, you canplay a guitar through a bass amp but it will not give you the sound that a guitar amp will. Bass amps are engineered for very low wavelengths produced by the bass. After time, the bass amp will actually begin to break down and sound muddier and muddier the longer you play an electric guitar through it. Spend a few extra dollars and get a nice guitar amp. The sound will be superior anyway.

Can an electric bass guitar be used with acoustic ensembles?

An electric bass guitar is often used with acoustic ensembles, but there is the problem of a too-loud amplified bass guitar. This disturbs the sound of the whole ensemble. The bass has never been the loudest sounding instrument of that group.

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