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The distributers are the middlemen between the record labels and the retail outlets. A poor distribution deal gets your CD onto store shelves that no one goes to. A good deal will put your CD on shelves of popular chains.

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Q: What does a distributor for a music record label company do?
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Who is Avril Lavigne's music record company?

she owns her own label

What does a record label do?

A record company signs an act and put them in the studio to record songs. They then make copies of the master recording and ship it to a distributor. The distributor is a wholesaler who then sells the CDs to retail outlets like Best Buy, Walmart, & Target. The record company then pumps money into marketing by advertising and promoting the music with hopes of selling records and digital downloads through online distributores such as iTunes, eMusic, & Amazon.

When was Music for Pleasure - record label - created?

Music for Pleasure - record label - was created in 1965.

Who is wisin y yandel's record company?

Machete Music & Their Own Label, WY Records.

Who is pitbull record company?

Polo Grounds Music through Sony Music and created his own label Mr. 305 Inc.

Is Tate Music Group a major record label?

No, it is not a major music label.

What is the current record label of Lisa Miskovsky?

Lisa Miskovsky is currently with the Sony Music Entertainment record label. She moved there from the Universal Music record label. She is a Sweedish Musician.

What does label in music mean?

A record label is the company that manages brands or trade marks of music recordings and music videos. They coordinate production, manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promoting, and the enforcing of copyright protection of sound recordings and music videos. They conduct talent scouting and development of new artists. The term "record label" derives from the circular label in the center of a vinyl record which prominently displays the manufacturer's name, along with other information.

What is the difference between Shady Records and Shroom Shady Music?

Shady Records is a Record Label. Shroom Shady Music is a Publishing Company.

When did the record label Love is begin?

Love Is was founded in 2004 in Bangkok, Thailand. It was founded by Kamol Sukosol Clapp and Boyd Kosiyabong. Their distributor is Sony Music Entertainment.

What does the term record label refer to?

The term record label comes from the round label in the center of a vinyl record that shows the manufacturer's name. The term record label also refers to companies that produce and manufacture music.

What record label are jls signed to?

sony music