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Scat is faeces of an animal, people to scat analysis to identify what kind of animal its and its diet. In other words, poop. It can tend to be soft or hard depending on the animal.

Scat is poop. Mostly animal poop

I think the scat that you are talking about here is scat in Jazz music, in which case scat is when a singer improvises and tune, but instead of using proper words, they say things like bap doobeedoo...etc.

That is all right but it is also a book Scat by Carl Hiaasen. I read it and it is very interesting but it is like all his other books, they're about the environment.

What ever you do DONT search it on Google. I too wondered what scat was and so searched it on Google, my mind will NEVER recover!

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Q: What is scat?
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