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Tubal ligation has a 2% failure rate. So that means that you are very unlikely to get pregnant after having the procedure. If you wish to have a baby afterwards you may be eligible to have reconstruction surgery that runs anywhere from $5000 to $8000 or you can undergo invetro fertilization which runs about $6000 to $12,000 depending on the dr.

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If the surgery has been done properly it is very, very unlikely that you can get pregnant.

Unfortunately it seems that the surgery is sometimes not done properly, as one hears occasional stories of women who do get pregnant.

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One in around ten thousand. It can vary with how well the doctor performed the operation, increasing or decreasing the chances. EIther way, dont worry about it.

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Chances are good

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Q: What is the chance of getting pregnant after your tubes are tied?
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What are the odds of getting pregnant if tubes were tied 8 years ago?

u can get pregnant if your tube were tied and not burned

Why do you still ovulate after getting your tubes tied?

I mit be pregnant cause my tubes tied its been 4 years yes u can

If tubs r tied can you still get pregnant?

No. That's the whole point of getting your tubes tied

What are the chances of getting pregnant after you get your tubes tied?

The risk is 1/1000.

Can you get pregnant if you've had your tubes tied and the Novasure procedure done?

yes there is still a chance if getting pregnant

What is getting your fallopian tubes tied?

getting your fallopian tubes tied is a medical procedure in which they tie off a womens fallopian tubes (where the egg gets released through into the womb) so she can not concieve (get pregnant).

Can you get pregnant after having man tubes tied?

Yes, it's a extremely small chance though

One year after getting my tubes done i had a ectopic pregnancy can you get pregnant tweleve years later and have a baby?

If your fallopian tubes were cut and tied, there is no way you can get pregnant. If you experienced an ectopic pregnancy and did not have your tubes tied again, there is the possibility that you could again get pregnant.

What happens if you get pregnant and your tubes are tied?

If you are pregnant and your tubes are tied afterwords, you should be fine. but that means you can't get pregnant again.

What are pregnancy symptoms if your tubes are tied?

If tubes were tied correctly, you shouldn't get pregnant at all. That's the point of getting them tied. If something went wrong and you still got pregnant, then symptoms would be the same as any other pregnancy.

What are the statistics of women getting pregnant after a partial hsyterectomy?

I have had a partial hysterectomy and had my tubes tied and now I am pregnant what are the statistics

Percentage of women who get pregnant after the get their tubes tied?

less than 2% of wemen get pregnant after their tubes have been tied.