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$4000 a month now. Previous First Ladies were less fortunate with Laura Bush's being $1500 a month!

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Q: What is the first Ladies clothing allowance?
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Does the first lady get a clothing allowance?


Does the president of the US and the first lady receive a clothing allowance?


Is the clothing allowance for the first lady from taxpayer?

No. The first lady does not get any clothing allowance from the taxpayers. There is a trust fund donated by a private estate that provide money for the first lady's expenses. (see the related link)

What is the first lady's clothing allowance?

Mrs Obama gets $40,000 a year

Clothing allowance life insurance and dislocation allowance are forms of?

Military Compensation

Does the President get a clothing allowance?

They get a clothing allowance...of how much, I'm not sure. I know Sarah Palin had an allowance of $150,000 for the campaign-just to give you an idea. Sarah Palin did not get a clothing allowance. She received private money from the RNC (Republican National Committee) which is a PRIVATE fund, not a government fund.

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Who pays for the First Ladies dresses?

It really depends. Some First Ladies pay for them out of their clothing budget (First Ladies, because they represent the US at diplomatic functions, have a budget for clothing). Others receive free designer dresses because certain designers know that if a first lady wears their gowns, the design will become popular and the public will want to buy that style.

Does Michelle Obama get a clothing allowance?

i heard she does and the amount is astronomical!

Is there any military Maternity clothing allowance?

Don't know how many times, but yes, for the first military girls get various allowances.

Clothing allowance life insurance and dislocation alllowance are all forms of?


What is an exciting and elegant name for your ladies clothing store?

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