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Hard Rock, Hard Blues, Blues, and Psychedelic rock

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Q: What type of genre did Jimi Hendrix play?
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What type of musical instrument did Jimi Hendrix play?

The Kazoo

What kind of weed did Jimi Hendrix smoke?

The marijuana type.

What was the first type of guitar Jimi Hendrix played?

A red danelectro

What type of rock did jimi Hendrix play?

At the time of his death he labeled the best acid rock guitar player in the world. It was called Acid Rock...

Which drug type killed jimi Hendrix?

The cause of his death in 1970 was barbiturate intoxication.

What type of drug did Jimi Hendrix die from?

He died from asphyxiation by eating too many sleeping pills.

What type of relationship did Jimi Hendrix have with Kathy etchingham?

The type of relationship JimiHendrix had with KathyEtchingham was horrible,they broke up right after they got together.

What type of music did jimi Hendrix come under?

{| ! style="white-space: nowrap" | | Hard rock, blues-rock,acid rock, psychedelic rock |}

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What type of genre does Metro station play?

aternative rock

3 important things Jimi Hendrix did?

The three important things Jimi Hendrix did? He changed the way we look at the rock and roll scene. He became one of the few African American guitarist. He also lived during segregation. So for an African American guitarist it was difficult to do shows and stuff because he was black and the type of music he played was classified as white people music.

What type of genre did ravi shankar play?

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