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This is your own personal choice

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Because you can play an phonographΒ 
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Q: What would you prefer xylophone or phonograph?
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What would you prefer a xylophone or a phonograph?

Which would you prefer a xylophone or a phonograph and why

What are words with the root word phon?

Phonograph, telephone, cellphone, phonics, headphone, microphone, saxophone, xylophone. Just to list a few.

How can you use the word phonograph in a sentence?

It is rare to see a phonograph now. A phonograph is also called a gramophone. A modern equivalent of a phonograph would be a CD player.

What is the input form of energy of a xylophone?

Kinetic? Because you are moving your hand to hit the xylophone. I thought this would be under Physics.

What is the value of a Sonora phonograph model number RKU-215?

The exact value of a Sonora phonograph is actually dependent upon a number of things. Some of these things would be the age and condition of the phonograph.

What happened to thomas Edison later in his life after inventing the phonograph And how did the phonograph effect his life?

Thomas Edison invention, and his life-long favorite, the phonograph would record, Later Edison would adopt cylinders and discs to permanently record music.

Why was the phonograph invented?

why was the phonograph invented

What is an antonym for xylophone?

antonym of xylophone

Do you call a person who plays the xylophone?

They would be called percussionist.

What do you call a person who plays the Xylophone?

They would be called percussionist.

Is there a country named Xylophone as heard in a song by They Might be Giants?

No, there is no country named Xylophone. I bet such a place would have great vibes, though.

What do you call a phonograph today?

still a phonograph

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