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it sed in a magzine that high school musical has three parts to it so i supose that this will be the last one.

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โˆ™ 2008-04-09 20:57:16
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Q: Will High School Musical 3 be the last one?
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IS this going to be the last high school musical after the third?

no because the last high school musical was the third one

Why is it The Last High School Musical?

It is not the last movie there is one more called high school musical 3 coming out soon

Is High School Musical 3 the last High School Musical?

No, it isn't the last, there will be one next year according to the producers.

Will There be A fifth High School musical?

No, sorry, but the third one is the last one. :(

What is the last song of high school musical 2?

"all for one"

Will there be any high school musical 4?

no hsm3 was the last one

What is setting of high school musical 2?

it's at the high school, in one of there classes, on the last day 'til summer

What is HSM mean?

HSM stands for High School Musical. High School Musical is a movie. There's a High School Musical, High School Musical 2 and High School Musical 3. The 4th one did not come out yet.

Does anyone in high school musical smoke?

No, no one in high school musical smokes

Which musical did Zac Efron perform in during high school?

i think high school musical one because that was the first one of high school musical and that the additions were going on

Is Zac Efron coming back for high school musical 4?

No, none of the usual High School Musical cast are coming back for High School Musical 4!!! One British girl is in it and is playing a girly girl like Sharpay. Ummm this is just my own opinion but i wouldn't actually be high school musical 4 it would be college musical bcause in the last one they graduated rite?

Will their be a highs school musical 4?

No. High school musical 3 was the final one.

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