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It depends on the orchestra. In the U.S. in symphony orchestras, it's normally the Oboe.

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Q: What instrument does play tuning note in an orchestra?
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What brass instrument play the lowest note in the orchestra?

Double B-flat Tuba

Which instrument does a orchestra tune too?

A standard symphony orchestra can tune to three different members: the principal oboe, the concertmaster, or the solo pianist. The oboist is used to tune whenever there is an oboe in the orchestra, the concertmaster is used whenever there isn't an oboe, and the pianist/keyboardist will play the tuning note if he or she is the soloist for the evening.

Can a string instrument play a note which is deeper?

Deeper than what? It's typical lowest note? If that's it, than yes, you just have to drop the tuning lower.

What were the names of the orchestra members and what instrument did they play?

That depends entirely on which orchestra is in question.

What is the lowest note you can play on a ukulele?

It will depend on the tuning and size of the instrument. On the baritone size the lowest note is going to be the D string. On the GCEA tuned ukulele, it will be the C string.

From which instrument's A note does an orchestra tune up?

First, the orchestra does not tune to an "A." It tunes to a "concert B flat." This is of course, is concert pitch, so it depends on the instrument playing it. "C" instruments play a "B flat," "B flat" instruments play a "C," "E flat" instruments play a "D flat" The instrument typically tuned to is either the oboe (C), bassoon (C), or, in the absence of these, the clarinet (B flat). The reason for this is because these instruments have the least variability in tuning when assembled.Typically, the orchestra tunes to the Oboe playing "A". Usually A-440. Zubin Mehta used to tune his orchestra's to A-448 which rendered a brighter tone overall.

What instrument does a concertmaster of an orchestra play?

The orchestra's concertmaster is the principal (1st chair) violin.

Can you play a low note on a guitar?

Yes it is called drop tuning. Drop tuning is used to play lower notes than you could normally play in standard tuning.

Which woodwind instrument does not always play in an orchestral?

the woodwind instrument smells and the instrument that does not play in the orchestra is piano drums guitar violin and harp

What kind of instrument is the bassoon?

A bassoon is a woodwind instrument often played in an orchestra. I play one!

What instrument does Freya Cremers play in the Andre Rieu orchestra?


Which instrument does the leader of an orchestra play?

The conductor may play any instrument, but seldom actually plays during a concert they are conducting. The Concert Master is typically the First Chair Violinist of the orchestra.

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