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Q: What is song that goes talk with your hips like hellen Keller?
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What is the hellen Keller dance?

talking w/ ur hips (dont trust me - 30h!3 or something like thatt...)

Who are successful people with disabilities?

Like Hellen Keller a blind woman

Why do people like hellen Keller?

they like Helen Keller because she was the person who said that don't give up even if you are deaf and blind.

How do you do the Helen Keller like in the song?

when you do the Helen Keller you shake your hips in a cicle and back and forth

How did hellen Keller learn how to speak?

Annie Sullivan taught her how to speak with the object like water.

How was Hellen Keller determined?

She was determined because she opened a school for kids that were just like her death and blind.

How did Helen Keller grow up?

Hellen Keller had grown up both blind and deaf. A very rare case indeed! Her parents hired her a tutor, nanny, professor, caretaker, or anyone like that. She taught Hellen how to adapt and understand things without her sight or hearing. Hellen eventually learned and she discovered that she could make symbols with her hands or cry and her parents would understand, giving her what she wanted.

What activities did Helen Keller like?

playing in the garden outside and smelling all the magnificent things around her Hellen Keller loved to experience new flavours and smells, and really enjoyed spending time with animals.

How did Hellen Keller get her disease?

easy she was born like that -- Blindness and deafness aren't diseases. Helen Keller wasn't born blind and deaf, when she was young she contracted scarlet fever or meningitis. As a result she lost both her hearing and her sight.

How did Hellen Keller do her hair?

It is inconceivable a blind or deaf-blind person could do or style their own hair- this would require visual feedback, like shaving and the use of a mirror.

Autobiography of a handicapped person?

We can't give you full Auto-Biography but we can give examples on this like Stephen Hawking , Hellen Keller(disabbled), Sudha Chandran(Indian Dancer) etc

What does Helen Keller do to be considered a hero?

Because she was a girl that could learn to talk write and do all those other useful things, even though she was blind and death. Most people that are blind or death or both could not bother to learn taht like Hellen Keller.

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