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Acids dissociate and release H+ in water.

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Q: Does acids dissociate water to release H plus and OH?
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What ions do acids release in water?

Virtually all acids release hydrogen ions (or protons) in water. They also release other ions, but these are specific to each acid. For example, hydrochloric acids releases an hydrogen ion (H+) plus a chloride ion (Cl-).

What is this chemical reaction fatty acids plus triglyceride plus water?

Dehydration of fatty acids

Is an acidic functional group that can dissociate and release H plus into a solution?

C. O ll -C-O-H

Lipid plus water equals fatty acids plus glycerol?


What is the aqueous solution of LiCl plus water?

Ionic compounds will dissociate completely as ions in water: LiCl (s) ---> Li+(aq) + Cl-(aq)

Do acids release h plus into solution raising pH?

Yes and No. Acid release H plus into solution. and LOWER ph.

What plus 3 fatty acids will get 1 lipid plus something?

1 glycerol + 3 fatty acids = 1 lipid + 1 water

What is gold plus water?

Nothing , Gold is unreactive towards water and most of the acids.

What substances form H plus ions when dissolved in water?

These are the acids.

When acids dissolve in water they release what type of positive ion a H plus b K plus c Na plus d None of the answers given?

When acids dissolve in water they release a proton - also called a H+ ion. So the answer is "a". The level of acidity is due to H+ and level of alkalinity due to (OH)-. This is displayed in the equation pH=-log[H+] i.e. concentration of H+ ion.

What is an acid that does not dissociate 100 percent into its ions HA H plus plus A?

weak acid

A solution where H plus equals 10 -13 is a basic neutral acidic or strong acidic?

Strong acids are any acids that dissociate completely in water regardless of concentration. Acid strength and concentration are not related. If you mean pH value anything above 7 is considered basic. Because you did not put a unit after the 10-13 I assume you mean pH which is the -log of the concentration of H plus ions in a particular solution.

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