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Salt dissolves faster in hot water than in cold water.

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Q: Does temperature affect the speed of salt water dissolving?
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Why does stirring salt in water affect dissolving speed?

It affects the dissolving speed because you are forcing more water to come in contact with the salt than it would if the salt wasn't moving in the water, causing a faster dissolving speed.

How does the water temperature affect the dissolving time of a sugar cube?

the affect is that the sugar cube is being absourbed by the hot mouisture in the water

Does of temperature of water affect the speed of sound?


Which of the following will speed up the dissolving of a solid solute in water?

Normally heating up the water and stirring will speed up the dissolving of a solid solute in water.

Why does the temperature of water increase the rate of dissolving?

It will affect it because the chemicals in what you are trying to dissolve, will increase if you put it in hot water. The chemicals dissolve much faster the higher the temperature.

How does hot distilled water affect solubility product constant?

The solubility product increases with temperature for endothermic dissolving processes.

Does temperature affect how fast sugar dissolves?

yes, because if the water is a higher temperature when the sugar is dissolving in it, then the particles of the sugar move around faster and mix with the water particles quicker

Does water temperature affect the speed at which sugar dissolves?

AnswerYes. The hotter the water, the faster it will dissolve.

Does the temperature of water affect how fast salt crystals or sugar crystals melt?

Yes. (BTW, the crystals are dissolving, not melting...melting occurs at a very high temperature).

What factors affect the temperature of seawater?

The speed at which the water moves from warmer or colder regions affects the temperature of seawater.

What are three factors that affect how fast water evaporates?

Temperature, humidity and wind speed.

What does not increase the rate of dissolving a solid in water?

Cold Temperature

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