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no it doesnt

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Q: Does the hydrilla use oxygen that is dissolved in water for respiration?
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Do aquatic hydrilla plants need to search for oxygen?

Oxygen to Hydrilla plant is available through water, however, it needs O2 for respiration which is radially available as a byproduct of photosynthesis

Which process will decrease the amount of dissolved oxygen that can be measured in a water environment?


What is biological imortance of air dissolved in water?

Oxygen can be dissolved in water. This is biologically important because animals that live in the water, such as fish, need to get oxygen from the water to perform respiration and live.

What is the oxygen dissolved in water is a?

The oxygen dissolved in water is a measure of dissolved oxygen (DO).

How does oxygen get in water for animals to use?

Oxygen partially dissolves in water. Respiratory systems of aquatic animals are adapted to get this dissolved oxygen. They have gills for respiration.

How oxygen is active part of air?

All living beings need oxygen for respiration is essential for combustion . Oxygen dissolved in water supports aquatic life.

Why does hydrilla produce bubbles?

the hydrilla produce bubbles when added baking soda because, the bubbles are the oxygen that the hydrilla produce, while it undergoes the process of phtosynthesis in the water.

What is dissoved oxygen?

Dissolved Oxygen is the bubbles in water when you splash there's bubbles in the water that is Dissolved Oxygen.

Do you breathe water?

We do not breathe in the water as we can't breathe dissolved oxygen.Dissolved oxygen are oxygen that are dissolved into the water.

How does oxygen get into water?

Oxygen can become dissolved in water.

What is dissoving?

Dissolved Oxygen is the bubbles in water when you splash there's bubbles in the water that is Dissolved Oxygen.

How can a body of water can be depleted of its oxygen?

Water can be depleted of it's oxygen by a number of different ways. Short of putting the water in a vacuum and "sucking" the dissolved oxygen out, oxygen-breathing organisms such as fish take oxygen from the water through respiration, for example. It is unlikely a large body of water to become completely deoxygenated due to the presence of photosynthetic aquatic organisms (plants) and the fact that oxygen is also dissolved in the water at the water's surface.

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