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Which part of the cell membrane prevents the cell from dissolving in water

Why is the phloem in a leaf important to the roots of a plant

What is the name for the protective structure that forms around an embryo

Which statement explains why oxygen molecules easily diffuse across a cell membrane while glucose molecules do not

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Q: How are the habitats inhabited by carnivorous sponges similar to habitats inhabited by carnivorous plants?
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Where are sponges habitats?

Most sponges are marine, but there are some freshwater varieties

Sponges can be found in which habitats?

fresh water

What do Spanish Dancer Fish eat?

They eat sea sponges and are carnivorous.

What are sponge habitats?

typicaly sponges live in coral reefs with other sponges in their own habitat in the depths of the ocean floor!!!!

How are cnidarians sponges similar?


The collar cells of sponges are similar to?

flagellated protists

What are the 4 classes of sponges?

Hexactinellida, Calcarea, Demospongiae, andSclerospongiaeTechnically, however, the Sclerospongiae are not considered sponges. They are very similar, but they are not the same. Like bats and birds who have both evolved the ability to fly but are not the same types of animals, Slerospongiae have evolved and became very similar to sponges, but they are not sponges.

What is the sponge prey?

Sponges are filter feeders, which mens that they pimp water through their bodies and absorb the plankton that gets sucked in. Therefore, most sponges prey on plankton. However, there are a few types of carnivorous sponges that actively hunt and capture small curstaceans.

What adaptation may allow sponges to survive in a wide range of habitats?

The spicules of some sponges focus and direct sunlight to cells lying below the surface of the sponge, where symbiotic organisms carry out photosynthesis.

What does it mean when sponges have no true tissues?

Similar cells do not cooperate together.

What are some of sponges special habitats?

ur talking bout SpongeBob right?......................................well spongbob likes bakiki bottom but that's just him

What does a Sea Star eat?

The one thing that I’m focused on, are sponges. SPONGES. Many people believe that the type of sponges we’re talking about, are the sponges we clean with... well, you’re wrong. The sponges that scientists keep trying to explain to people that live in the ocean, sea sponges. Now I’m worried for sea sponges, because starfish keep eating them. And frankly I feel very bad for their habitats. Because the ocean needs the sponges help. The ocean relies on porifera/sponges to help the ocean, to help it grow, to help it prosper, and to help animals live and eat.

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