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This is above average even for an adult male.

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Q: I am 16 and have a 6.5 inch penis hard and 5 inches soft is that normal?
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You are 15 with a 3 inch penis when soft but it is 7 inch when you are hard is that small or normal?

If you are 15 years old , and have a 3 inch penis and it is 7 inches when hard then it is quite normal.

Im 15 and your penis is 1 inch not hard and 6 inches when hard is this normal?

your gay

Is it normal to be thirteen with a ten inch penis?

I am 17 and i have a 10 inch penis. Haha your blessed. When i was 13 it was like 8 inches. Your not normal, but your not weird, you just have a big penis!

What is the longest sized penis you can have?

Well, i have a 7 inch penis flaccid and hard its 10 inches (:

Your penis is about 5.1 inch hard is that normal?

no... that's really tiny.

Is it normal to have spots on your penis if your going through puberty?

Yes it is. I'm 12 and my penis 2inch normal 3.5 inch kinda hard and 4inch hard

You are 20 your penis is 5 inch are you normal?

The national average erect penis length is 5 1/2 inches, so you are about as normal as you can get.

If I 13 and you have a 7 inch penis when erected is this average small or bigger then normal?

I'm 15 and have a 6 and a half inch penis, it's above the average. An average man's penis is about 6 inches

Is a 6 inch penis normal?

yes a 6 inch penis is perfectly normal

Is a 3.5 inch flaccid penis small for a 14 year old?

Not really I'm 13 3 inches at not hard

Is five inches normal before puberty?

If your penis is five inches long, then you have already started puberty. The normal size of a pre-pubertal penis is around 3cm, which is about 1 inch.

Is 5 inches penis with inch and quarter thickness is normal?

This is an average size penis for teens ages 12 - 16

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