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Plants from the division Magnoliophyta are well suited for desert life.

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Q: Plants from what division are well suited for desert life?
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Would you expect a tall desert plant to be a vascular plant?

yes because vascular plants are better suited to life in dry areas than nonvascular plants

Do nonvascular plants are better suited to life on land?


How are camels suited for a desert life?

One reason their suited for desert life because camels have broad,flat, leathery pads on their feet son their feet don't go through the sand.

Whate are the advantages of life on land for plants?

The advantages of life on land for plants is that they have more oxygen, and have a better suited environment for them to survive.

What is the vegetation of a desert?

the plant life that grows in the desert or the type of plants that grow in desert areas.

What is the dominant plant life of the desert?

Zerophytic plants

What do desert plants provide for the mammals birds and other life?

Plants provide food and cover for animals living in the desert.

How do Grevilleas adapt to desert life?

Grevilleas, native Australian plants, do not live in the desert.

What would happen if plants in the desert became extinct?

All other desert life would eventually cease to exist as the plants form the basis of desert food chains and serve as storehouses of water vital to desert life.

What abiotic factor affects all desert plants?

The biggest abiotic factor that affects all desert plants is temperature. This heat makes life for all desert plants very difficult.

Are there life forms in the Taklamakan Desert?

Yes, there are a number of plants and animals that inhabit the Taklamakan Desert.

Does the desert have a good plant life?

Yes, the desert supports a variety of plants that have adapted to an arid environment.

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