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the main agents of physical weathering would be hail, snow, sleet, and rain (sometimes temp.)

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Q: What are four main weathering agents?
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What are two agents of chemical weathering?

There are so many agents of chemical weathering. The two main agents that cause chemical weathering are acid rain and carbon dioxide.

What are the main agents of chemical weathering?

Chemical weathering is the break down of rocks by chemical mechanisms. The main agents of chemical weathering are Water, Oxygen, Carbon dioxide and Acid rain.

What are some main agents of chemical weathering?


What are some main agents of physical weathering?

Natural agents of physical weathering: Rain, sand (driven by the wind), sunlight, the freeze/thaw cycle. Man-made agents of physical weathering: Acid rain.

What are some agents of weathering?

Some agents of weathering are heat from the sun, plant and animal activity, freeze-thaw cycles, abrasion from windblown ice or water carried material, chemical weathering from acidic solutions such as acidic rain, and hydrolysis. The four main weathers agents are wind, ice, gravity, and water.The agents of weathering include temperature, water, and gravity. Water causes the most weathering with ice, rain, and river movement causing stone to weather.

Are the four agents of chemical weathering?

oxydation dissolution carbon dioxide water

What are the main agents of change in the rock cycle?

temperture,pressure,weathering,and erosion.

What are the 3 agents of mechanical weathering?

What are three agents or causes of mechanical weathering?

What are the primary agents of weathering?

the primary agents of weathering are water, ice, and gases in the atmosphere

What are four weathering agents on earth?

Wind, sand (borne by the wind), rain and the sun itself.

What 4 agents are responsible for depositing sediment in the water?

There are four agents that are responsible for depositing sediment in the water. They are weathering, erosion, deposition, and snow.

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