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it depends on the kingdoms.

Kingdoms - Kingdom Protista - Kingdom Plantae - Kingdom Fungi - Kingdom Animalia - Kingdom Archaebacteria - Kingdom Eubacteria

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Q: What are scientific names for a kingdom?
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Scientific names of organisms in the kingdom monera?

Nanoarchaeum equitans

What are some common and scientific names for species in the monera kingdom?

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Why do you use scientific names?

Scientific Names are used to identify things by their Family and Kingdom. One part refers to the general "where does this fall" and the other refers to "this is what it is"

What is the scientific name for Protist?

The scientific name for a protist is the kingdom name Protista. This, however, is the kingdom classification and since there are many kinds of protists, there are also many names. :D

What is the scientific names for scientific names?

Accually, the scientific name for scientific names is a Binomial Nomenclature meaning 2 names.

What are the 6 kingdoms and their scientific names?

In the six-kingdom system, they are: Animalia, Plantae, Fungi, Protista, Archaea, Bacteria.

What is the scientific name for kingdom protista?

poopongilica is the scientific name for kingdom protista

What are the five kingdoms and their scientific names?

There are six kingdoms: Kingdom Animalia Kingdom Plantae Kingdom Protista Kingdom Fungi Kingdom Archaebacteria Kingdom Eubacteria The first four are eukaryotes and the last two are prokaryotes. It might be the other way around though.

What is the scientific name for alpacas in kingdom?

This depends on which kingdom you are in. In the kingdom of Narnia, alpacas do not yet have an official scientific name.

Scientific name for kingdom animalia?

The scientific name for the animal kingdom is Animalia or Metazoa

Plants and their scientific and common names?

what are the scientific names of plants

Do hybrids have scientific names?

Many do, some are pending scientific names.

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