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They are eyebrows, eyelids, conjuctiva, lacrimal apparatus, and extrinsic eye muscles.

Eyebrows help shade the eyes from sunlight and prevent perspiration trickling down the forehead from reaching the eyes.

Eyelids are used to protect the eyes. The eyelid muscles cause your eyes to blink every 3 to 7 seconds to protect the eyes when they are threaded by foreign objects; the blinking can lubricate our eyes also!

Conjunctiva is a transparent mucous membrane. It's used prevent the eyes from drying out; it also produces a lubricating mucus.

Lacrimal apparatus has a lacrimal gland, which secrets tears. The tears will drain into the lacrimal sac and then into the nasolacrimal duct, which brings the tear to the nasl cavity. This is why whenever you cry, some water will come out of your nose. The lacrimal fluid cleanses, moistens, and lubricates the eyes surface.

Extrinsic eye muscles control the movement of the eyeballs. They help to maintain the shape of the eyeball and hold it in the orbit. They are the most precicely and rapidly controlled skeletal muscles in the whole body!

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Q: What are the accessory structuresof the eye?
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