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Power plants

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Q: What construction is needed to harness tidal power?
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How is tidal power easily renewed?

The power generated from tidal power is theoretically never diminished. The moon will continue to make tidal currents. The only CO2 will be in the construction and maintenance of these machines.

List of tidal power plants in India?

India begins construction in 2012 on a 50 MW tidal farm in the Gulf of Kutch.

Are rough seas needed for a tidal barrage?

No, tidal power works from the steady in and out flow of the rising and falling tides.

What is the one major thing needed to be able to power an affective tidal power plant?

Swiftly running water. Tidal power needs a large bay or river mouth with a narrow outlet to the sea, with tides rushing in and out at great speed.

Does tidal power have any accidents?

what accidents may occur with tidal power

Does Australia use tidal power?

No, and there are no proposals for tidal power in Australia. For more information on the status of tidal power in Australia, see the related link.

Why is it not good to have tidal energy in a desert?

Tidal energy depends on the change of tides in the ocean. Unless a desert is along a suitable coastline there would be no tidal energy to harness in a desert.

Which is the largest tidal power station in the world?

The largest tidal power station in the world is the Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Station. It is located in South Korea.

Is tidal power a viable choice for Newark?

is tidal power viable choice for newark

Does tidal power produce pollutants?

No, tidal power is clean, green renewable energy.

What are disadvantages to tidal power?

They do not produce pollution or harmful emissions, but building a tidal power station can damage the ecosystem of tidal areas

What is the history of tidal energy?

tidal energy is created by turbines that does make tidal power

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