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Basically you get weaker rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol is already a mixture of water and isopropyl alcohol.

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Q: What do you get when you mix rubbing alcohol and water?
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Can rubbing alcohol and water mix?

Rubbing alcohol and water are miscible (mix) both are clear liquids

When rubbing alcohol and water mix does rubbing alcohol make water disappear?

No, it is just a diluted mixutre of alcohol.

Can you mix rubbing alcohol with water and vinegar and baking soda?

I know for a fact that you can mix rubbing alcohol and water, as most rubbing alcohol is a water and isopropyl alcohol solution, but when you mix vinegar and backing soda a gas is produced, so it probably wouldn't mix that well.

Does rubbing alcohol and water mix?

Yes. In fact, rubbing alcohol is already mixed half-and-half with water.

What happens if you mix sugar and rubbing alcohol?

If there is enough liquid, the sugar will dissolve, as rubbing alcohol is a mixture of water (about 30%) with an alcohol. Sugar is soluble in both liquids. * BTW, rubbing alcohol is poisonous. *

Why can't rubbing alcohol and oil mix?

Rubbing alcohol is also known as isopropyl alcohol. The reason why rubbing alcohol and oil can't mix is because the alcohol is less dense than the oil.

What do you get when you mix rubbing alcohol and methanol?

There is no reaction, you simply get a mixture of rubbing alcohol and methanol.

Can you mix sodium chloride with rubbing alcohol?

Sodium chloride is not soluble in rubbing alcohol.

Is rubbing alcohol soluble in water?

Rubbing alcohol is soluble in water.

What reaction occurs when rubbing alcohol and water?

There is no chemical reaction between isopropanol and water, they simply mix.

Can you mix vinegar and rubbing alcohol?


Can you mix rubbing alcohol with borax?


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