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Q: What has two eyes a nose a mouth but no face?
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What is on Drew Brees face?

Two eyes, a nose, a mouth, sometimes facial hair, and his birthmark.

What genre is two eyes a nose and a mouth?

It's a children's picture book.

What does a healthy humans face contain?

A Humans Face: Two eyes, add at least two eyelids. Sparkle a few hairs above the eyes and call them eyebrows. A nose, fits pretty good in the middle, begins between the eyes and ends above the mouth. The mouth... Yeah, two lips (add them horizontal!). You maight want to add facial hair around the mouth, depends on what you want, a man or a woman. Get some ears, too! On the height of the nose, on the sides of the head.

Description of physique of Afghanistans?

two eyes, two ears, two legs, one nose, & one mouth

How do you beat the pumpkin face game on Great Pumpkin Island?

There are two games at the party :Drawing a Jack O'Lantern FaceAny face you draw will work. You can do as many as you like.Pin the Face on the PumpkinYou have to try to put the features (stem, eyes, nose, mouth) on the pumpkin when it turns invisible. Follow the pumpkin as it moves, then center your cursor on the nose when it vanishes. You can add the stem a little higher, the eyes on either side, the nose in the center, and the mouth just below. Get close enough to the actual locations and you win.Note that the left and right eyes are different. Both "point" toward the nose.

What is a the physical decriptions of the white tiger?

two ears,two eyes,a nose,a mouth,four legs,and a long tail

How should a black Indian look?

Two eyes, two ears. Probably a nose somewhere in the middle of the face.

What is 2 similarities between a cat and a dog?

They both have tails, two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and teeth, and body parts.

What is the most important part of your face?

Probably your mouth or eyes. Your mouth because you eat and talk and express things with what you say. Your eyes because there are two of them and people look at them first when they talk to you.

Characteristics of Alexander the Great?

two eyes, two ears, two arms, two legs, two hands, two feet but only one nose and mouth and testicle

What are meerkats body parts?

There is the two hind limbs ( legs ), the two front limbs ( paws ), the tail, The eyes, the nose, the mouth, the stomache and the back

How do you cover a zit when wearing a swimming cap?

Put the swimming cap farther down your face to cover your zit ..... if tht dosnt work just put it over your whole face and cut two holes for the eyes and one for the nose and mouth (: ..... hope this worked

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