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If you are referring to the Great Blue Hole it is a huge underwater sinkhole near the coast of Belize.

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Q: What is a blue hole?
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What is the blue hole?

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Where is blue hole to find?

A Blue hole can be found in Belize, the Bahamas, Guam, Australia.

How deep is the blue hole in Belize in meters?

The "Great Blue Hole" is 124 metres in depth .

Is Deans Blue Hole in the Bahamas the deepest saltwater cave?

No, it's not a cave, it's a blue hole. I don't know if it's completely salt water, but there probably is another blue hole somewhere in the world deeper that Dean's blue hole.

What is it called when you have a hole in your?

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How deep did guillaume nery dive in dean's blue hole?

Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas is 663 ft deep.

Is the black hole in space a blue star?

No. A black hole may be the remnant of the core of what was once a blue star, but the black hole itself is as black as anything can possibly be.

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Sometime about 1990, John Williamson bought the Blue Hole name and continued producing improved versions of the original Blue Hole models in Gordonsville VA. The company was later sold to Evergreen Canoes in Canada who still sell some of the original Blue Hole designs but under their own name.

What town has the blue hole in Belize?

Blue hole is situated 13 km from Belmopan on the way to Dangriga in the southern high way.

What are the release dates for Legend of the Blue Hole - 2004?

Legend of the Blue Hole - 2004 was released on: USA: 17 May 2004

When was the Belize blue hole found?

Not sure

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