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Twenty to twenty-five degree Celsius. But it may be higher(at least 27-28 degree Celsius) on hotter days

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Q: What is the average temperature of Singapore?
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What is the average maximum temperature for June in Singapore?


What is the average temperature in Singapore?

(night lowest)24degree - (day highest)32 degree on average

What is the mean temperature of Singapore?

The average temperature of Singapore is about 23°C to 31°C. Singapore is summer all-year-round as it is located near the Equator, and its rainy seasons are during May to July and end-October to early-February.

What is the hottest temperature in Singapore?

singapore 96.8

What is the temparature in Singapore?

well Singapore's temperature is normally 37.0

What's the average rainfall in Singapore?

The average rainfall in Singapore is 237 cm

What is the average temperature in Singapore in December?

Singapore is a little island located in the Malay archipelago. It is a little off the southern coast of Malaysia, near Johore.Since, Singapore is within the Tropic of Capricon and Tropic of Cancer, it is then considered a tropical country. A tropical country does not experience the 4 seasons. It is hot and humid all year long, which simply means that there is only summer in tropical countries.Hence, the temperature of Singapore in December should be around 25-32 degree celcius, based on the temperature I experience in Singapore and the usual temperature at that time.

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What is the average mileage rate in Singapore?

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How hot is it in Singapore?

Singapore is a tropical island, and warm and humid all year round. The temperature varies slightly, between the average maximum of 31 degrees Celsius and minimum of 23 degrees Celsius.

What is Singapore's yearly precipitation?

Singapore's average yearly precipitation is 237 centimetres.

What is the average salary of a medical technologist in Singapore?

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