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Pure ethanol freezes at -114 °C (-173.2 degree Fahrenheit). Alcoholic beverages will freeze somewhere between -114 °C and 0 °C depending on the alcohol content.

The kind of alcohol that people can drink is called ethanol and it has a freezing point of -114 degrees Celsius (-114 °C). However, there are many other kinds of alcohol (such as methanol, rubbing alcohol or inspirational, banal, and many others) and each one has a different freezing point. Water freezes at 0 °C and the coldest most home model freezers will go down to -18 °C. That is why Alcoholic Beverages won't freeze in your home freezer. However, most alcoholic beverage are not pure ethanol, but instead a mixture of water and ethanol. The freezing point of the mixture depends on how much of each component is in it. For instance, something with only 1% ethanol will freeze just a little below 0 °C, whereas something with 95% ethanol will freeze pretty close to -114 °C. How much ethanol is in a particular alcoholic beverage is listed on the bottle, either as a percentage or as a "proof" which is just 2 times the percentage (100 proof =B= 50% ethanol).

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Q: What is the freezing temperature of alcohol?
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What temperature does brandy freeze?

It depends on the Alcohol concentration. The more alcohol the lower the freezing temperature will be.

At what temperature does vodka freeze?

Alcohol's freezing point is -117 Celsius.

What temperature does alcohol freeze?

There are several different kinds of alcohol and these freeze at different temperatures.

Why does tap water freeze before Rubbing alcohol?

Because some chemicals in the alcohol has a freezing temperature lower than that of H2O.

How can you slow the freezing process of water?

You can cause it to freeze at a lower temperature by adding salt or alcohol.

Why are alcohol thermometers preferred in cold countries?

Mercury is used for determining higher temperature for its accuracy. Alcohol is used for measuring comparatively low temperature as it has a lower freezing point.

What is the freezing point of alcohol?

The freezing point of alcohol (ethanol, ethylic alcohol) is -114 0C.

Why alchol can measure freezing point of water?

Because alcohol freezes at a lower temperature than water.

What temperature is dry ice in alcohol?

About the temperature of dry ice. It is the same as putting frozen water (ice) in a glass of water. The temperature of the ice and water will be about equal to the freezing point of water. Alcohol is used because it has a freezing point lower than H2O, if you put dry ice in water everything will freeze.

At what temperature can you get frostbite?

the temperature below freezing

What is the freezing point of t-butyl alcohol?

Around room temperature, In our experiment we got 25 degree Celsius.

What freezes quicker water or rubbing alcohol?

Water. Although it's not really that it freezes faster but rather that it freezes at a higher temperature. How fast something freezes has to do with both its freezing point but also how much of it you have. A drop of alcohol will freeze faster than a giant container of water (assuming the temperature of the freezer is below the freezing point of alcohol).

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