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Atmospheric and environmental interference.

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An earth-based telescope has to contend with atmospheric turbulence, which can distort and blur images. This is not a concern for a space-based telescope, which operates above Earth's atmosphere and can provide clearer images.

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Q: What problem does an earth - based telescope have that a space - baced telescope does not have?
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What problem does an earth - based telescope have that a space - based telescope does not have?

Atmospheric and environmental interference.

How are the advantages of a moon-based telescope different than an earth-based telescope?

You coulD explore shizzle

What advantage do space telescope have over earth based telescope?

not affected by earth's atmosphere

Were is the Hubble telescope based?

The Hubble is in orbit around planet earth.

Why does a space telescope produce a clearer image then an earth based telescope?

A space telescope produces clearer images because it is above Earth's atmosphere, which can distort and blur light from space. By being in space, the telescope eliminates the atmospheric turbulence that can affect the quality of images produced by Earth-based telescopes. This allows space telescopes to capture sharper and more detailed images of celestial objects.

What is the difference between formal telescope and space telescope?

A formal telescope typically refers to ground-based telescopes located on Earth, while a space telescope is positioned in space outside Earth's atmosphere. Space telescopes can observe celestial objects with greater clarity and detail due to being above the distortion caused by Earth's atmosphere, while ground-based telescopes may be limited by atmospheric conditions such as turbulence and light pollution.

What is the telescope that is in orbit around the earth?

The telescope in orbit around the earth as of 2010 is the Hubble Telescope.

What does land based telescope mean?

A land-based telescope is a telescope that is located on Earth's surface, as opposed to being placed in space or on an airborne platform. These telescopes are typically situated at observatories and are used to study celestial objects and phenomena from the ground.

What is an advantage of using orbiting telescopes rather than ground based telescope?

There is no distortion from Earth's atmosphere.

What are the advantages of an earth based telescope?

Earth-based telescopes are often less expensive to build and maintain compared to space telescopes. They can be upgraded and repaired more easily since they are accessible on Earth. They also benefit from a stable power supply and can be used for a wide range of scientific observations.

What is the Hubble Telescope?

The Hubble Space Telescope is a space-based observatory launched by NASA in 1990. It orbits Earth and captures high-resolution images of celestial objects in visible, ultraviolet, and infrared light. Hubble has greatly contributed to our understanding of the universe and made countless scientific discoveries.

Have earth been seen at night without a telescope?

Earth does not need a telescope, look down.