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You should not drive in a bad weather, something bad will happen to you, such as flat tires, accidents, or running out of gas. Always never do that.

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What are some dangers of driving in bad weather conditions

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Q: What should you do in bad weather conditions when driving?
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What are phrases for bad weather?

Phrases for bad weather: foul or rotten weather, or poor conditions if it's not so bad.

Is a recent accident caused by bad weather the driver's fault?

This may depend on which state you live in but in almost every state the answer is yes. The weather conditions will not play a role in determining fault in an accident. The reason for this is because if the weather is poor you should have been driving slower and more cautious.

Should you be careful of motorcycles near intersection RR tracks bridges and in bad weather?

you should be carful of motorcycles anytime especially in bad conditions and by railroad tracks

What are bad weather conditions?

duckworth-lewis Method

How many people die from driving in bad weather each year?

Reports and studies say more than 1000 people die from bad weather while driving.

What causes a tumor to become malignant?

bad weather conditions

You should always drive the posted speed limit in poor weather conditioins?

The posted speed limit is the top speed in GOOD weather and visibility. Bad conditions, slow down- or get a ticket for "Unsafe speed for conditions".

Have you been in a car accident because of bad road conditions?

Trick question! Crashes in bad conditions is caused by poor driving

Why should one never drive in extremely bad weather?

Extremely bad weather conditions can prohibit you from seeing for long distances. Roads may be in poor condition and your vehicle may not be able to maneuver the roads accurately.

What is the number one rule for driving in bad weather?

Slow down.

What are example of bad weather?

Bad weather can be anything from thunderstorms to blizzards, and is usually whenever the weather consists of dangerous conditions. Other examples are tornadoes, hailstorms, or hurricanes.

What problems Ferdinand Magellan face?

not enough food, bad weather, and bad boat conditions

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