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A lethal mutation would have the most serious effect as it would cause death; however as to which specific mutation, this cannot be known until it's observed for that particular case and in that particular organism.

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2012-06-18 17:29:41
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Q: What type of chromosomal mutation would have the most serious effect on the cell?
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Would a frameshift mutation have more serious effect if it occured near the beginning of a gene or the end of a gene?

It would occur more serious at the beginning of a gene

Are asbestos considered a chemical mutagen responsible for chromosomal mutations?

Not necessarily chromosomal mutations. Asbestos types are considered mutagens in lung cells, but any chromosomal mutation would have to be carefully engineered.

Would a frame shift mutation have a serious effect if it occurred near the beginning of a gene or the end of a gene?

Frameshifts causes everything on a DNA sequence to shift and be misread; therefore, a mutation at the beginning changes more of the code.

Which type of mutation would have a greater effect on the sequence of amino acids in a protein?

Frame Shift Mutation

The most serious effect of severe hypocalcemia is likely to be what?

The MOST serious effect would be death.

Which type of mutation would have a greater effect on the sequence of amino acids in a protein a base-pair substitution or a frame shift mutation?

Frame shift mutation

Can neon be mixed with other elements?

Yes, but there would have to be some serious mutation goin' on here

How many sperm cell does an egg cell normally needs to be fertilized?

Only one. Any more than that would produce a chromosomal mutation in which there would be one or more extra sets of chromosomes and would be lethal.

Which point mutation would be most likely to have a catastrophic effect on the functioning of a protein?

The location of an airport.

What would be the effect of a mutation that changed the c of the anticodon to a g?

The effect of the mutation is; there would be another amino acid that may form due to the change in sequence of the anticodon. change in the sequence of anticodon may result to different amino acid that may form.

Which would have a bigger effect on an organism an error during translation or a point mutation?

The answer is a mutation. Its a mutation because a mutation can cause an organism to be deformed an in some cases due to the deformation it will not be able to feed or defend for it self. For example, if a Giraffe were to be born with a short neck it would not be able to feed because trees are tall

Is An insertion or deletion mutation involving a single nucleotide in the coding sequence of a gene would have what probable effect on the resulting protein and why?

A base substitution mutation in a gene sometimes has no effect on the protein the gene codes for. Which of the following factors could account for this?

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