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You can use a regular, household magnet with a paper clip as paper clips are usually made of steel or iron, which are magnetic materials.

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Q: What type of magnet do you use with paper clip?
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What force operates when you use a bar magnet to pick up a paper clip?

The force that operates when using a bar magnet to pick up a paper clip is magnetic force. The magnet attracts the paper clip due to the magnetic field surrounding the magnet, pulling the paper clip towards it.

What do you use to destroy the circuits on club penguin?

the circits on the magnet? If so, the paper clip.

How do you beat the magnet on club penguin in the mission 2?

You find a paper clip in the sports shop under the couch first then you go to the magnet use your rench in your spy phone open the box beside the magnet and throw the paper clip in. This makes the box blow up and the magnet dies.

How do you deactivate the magnet on club penguin?

unscrew the front of the power box, use the paper clip and wait

What do you do when you get on the roof on the missing money on club penguin?

you will find this fur type thing in the vent grab that then get the paper clip you found under the couch and once you open the box that is connected to the giant magnet and use your screwdriver in your phone to loosen those screws and put the paper clip inside of that box.

How do you turn off the giant magnet on 'Secret of the Fur' in Club Penguin?

Go to the Roof (using the key), use your wrench on power box then get your paper clip and you will turn off the giant magnet!

What to use to hold paper together?

Binder Clip or Paper Clip or a Staple.

What do you do with the big magnet on club penguin?

find the paperclip in the attic of the gift shop. it will be somewhere under a piece of furniture. then use the wrench on your spy phone to open up the box thing on the side of the magnet. put the paperclip inside.

In club penguin what is the key to open the case for the electromagnet?

under the couch in Gary's room, there is a paper clip use it to "break" the magnet. if u want to open the case, use the wrench on your spy phone.

What Si unit would you use to measure a paper clip?

You would use the SI unit of length, which is the meter (m), to measure a paper clip.

What can you do with a paper clip?

The main use of paper clips is to clip pieces of paper together. But there are many more interesting things to do with them. Here's a suggested list:Make jewelry (bracelets, necklaces, earrings and more)Clean your fingernails (note: it is not advised to use them to clean your ear or nose).Open your laptop CD-ROM drive even when the computer is shut down.Get the Sim card out of iPhones (preferably use a small paper clips for this).Hang a "Keep out"/"Be back soon" sign on a paper clip string of your cubical.Hang a string of paper clips to create a limbo line and have people in the office dance with you.Make a long enough jumping rope out of many attached paper clips and try to set a personal record.Back scratcher.Fishing rod.Book- mark.Pick a lock.Make a compass. Use a magnet to stroke the paper clip in a circular motion. This will magnetize the paper clip. place the paper clip in a cup of water. The clip will rotate and stop when it faces magnetic north.Stick a bunch into a ball of aluminum foil, or ball of clay, and bend them to hold pencils and p

What SI unit is used to measure the length of a small paper clip?

Use centimeters or millimeters.