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That is called dissolving.

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Q: When solid splits up and mixes with a liquid to make a solution?
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What is a solid that splits up and mixes with a liquid to make a solution?

The solid dissolves (is the solute) and forms a solution.

When a solid splits up and mixes with a liquid to make solution?

That is called dissolving.

In science when a solid splits up and mixes with a liquid to make a solution what it called?

The dissolved solid is called the solute. The process is dissolving.

Can a solution be a solid liquid but not a gas?

A liquid solution can be made from solid, liquid or a gas solute.Hence a solution can be sold , liquid or a gas.

Examples of solid and liquid solution?

an example of solid liquid solution is (nacl)

What is it called if two substances can't mix and become an solution?

When a solid "mixes" with a liquid the solid can be termed soluble and will "dissolve" in said liquid (salt and water), if the solid does not dissolve it is termed insoluble (sand in a glass of water). When a liquid "mixes" with another liquid the two are classed as miscible, if the two liquids do not mix and form two separate layers, the liquids are classed as being immiscible

What is meant by a solid liquid solution?

solid liquid solutions are (..........)

What is a saline solid or liquid or solution?

Saline is a liquid solution.

What are the nine types of solution according to physical state?

These nine types of solution are solid to solid solid to liquid solid to gas liquid to solid liquid to liquid liquid to gas gas to solid gas to liquid gas to gas

What is the name for when a solid mixes with a liquid and stays mixed?


What is it called when a solid mixes with a liquid and makes a new liquid?

Commonly called an EMULSION

How does a liquid-solid solution form?

A liquid-solid solution is when a liquid turns to a solid. You can tell because if you put a glass of water in the freezer, it will turn to ice (solid).

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