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You would use a clamp on amp meter for measuring the electrical current of an outlet or wire. The clamp allows the meter to get an accurate reading without the user having to worry about the meter moving around too much.

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Q: When would you use a clamp on amp meter?
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How you can measure amps?

If possible, use an in-line amp meter. If that's not practical, use a clamp amp meter.

What metric unit would you use to measure your bed?

You would use the meter.

How would you determine the amperage drawn on each breaker in your electrical panel?

The only way is to use a meter, it does not have to be expensive. Radio Shack offers inexpensive meters. Simply "clamp" the meter around the circuit you want to test. Good Luck.

How do you use an amp probe?

An amp probe is a hand held amp meter. It uses the magnetic flux that surrounds a wire when there is a current flowing it. There are different styles of amp probes, one the jaws clamp over the wire to form a circle around the wire and another type just pushes the wire into a U shaped jaw. These jaws then act like a current transformer (CT). Inside these jaws there is a coil of wire much like the secondary of a transformer. As the magnetic flux of the wire, under test, cuts the coils in the meter, a small current is induced into the meters sampling circuit. The output of the sampling circuit reads out on a moving needle or a digital display located on the body of the amp probe. At the factory where the meter is manufactured, the meter is calibrated so that the reading of the wire's magnetic flux is linear from zero up to the maximum rating of the meter. This is to guarantee that the actual current flow through the wire is what the amp probe displays.

What is current measured by?

An amp meter. On a multi meter you use the Amps scale or I scale or Current scale. Different meters refer to the amps in different text.

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How you can measure amps?

If possible, use an in-line amp meter. If that's not practical, use a clamp amp meter.

What do electricians use to test circuits?

Continuity tester, volt meter, clamp on amp meter, megger and ohm meter.

What do you use a amp meter for?

To measure current in a circuit. The meter needs to be inserted in series with the source or a clamp on meter has to be used on a single wire.

How an amperage reading would be taken using a clamp-on?

Simply "clamp-on" the clamp of the amp meter to any electrical conductor supplying the equipment that you wish to check while it is in operation. It is better to use your clamp-on with each individual conductor one at a time.

How do you measure dc amps?

Amp measurement in a dc circuit is commonly done by use of a clamp on amp meter. The meter has a loop on one end that opens up. The loop is clamped around a wire, and the meter shows the amperage.

How-to use the clamp-on meter Model GCM-600?

how to use the Clamp-On Meter Model GCM-600 to find the current of a DC power?

What would someone use a fluke clamp meter for?

A fluke clamp meter is used for electrical purpose by electricians. You can use them to measure things such as a large air condition currents. Different clamp meters have different features such as being able to measure motor inrush currents.

What is easier to measure volts amps or watt?

If you have the right test equipment amps are the easiest to measure. A slip over the wire amp meter is easier to use than a clamp on amp meter. The other two values have to be measured by using test leads from the test equipment.

Can you use an Amp meter to read energy with fruits and vegitables?

No but you can use a volt meter to read voltage.

How do you check ampere draw?

Best way is to use a clamp on amp meter. You need to be able to put the clamp over a single conductor. This is usually easy to do in the electric panel, but for a device you need to split the conductors. You can take an extension cord you don't need and separate the conductors so you can get the clamp on a single conductor.

Can you install 150 amp service in 200 amp meter base?

Yes, you can always use undersized meter base shutoff's, but never use oversized shutoffs.

What do you use a clamp meter for?

The clamp part is for measuring amps via induction. You set meter to amps and clamp around only a single wire. Device you are measuring must be operating. This means you couldn't clamp around a lamp cord to a table lamp since the current induced in each direction cancels out. You would have to separate the wires. An electrician would carry a short extension cord with the wires already separated. Most often a clamp meter is use to checks amps in a breaker panel on the black wire coming from the breaker.

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