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The heat produced by controlled nuclear reactions is used to operate steam turbines that generate electricity in nuclear power plants in much the same manner as coal or oil fired fossil fuel power plants, except the nuclear plants do not produce carbon dioxide and other 'greenhouse gases' released by burning fossil fuels.

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Q: Why do fusion and fission produce energy?
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Does fusion produce more energy than fission?


What are the two processes that produce nuclear energy?

fission and fusion

Does nuclear reactions and fission and fusion produce energy?

Some reactions produce energy, some require energy.

How do nuclear fusion differ fundamentally from nuclear fission?

Nuclear fusion doesn't produce energy.

Does nuclear fusion produce much less energy per atom than nuclear fission?

Nuclear fusion produce energy 400 times more than nuclear fission for the same mass.

What is the energy resulting nuclear fission or fussion?

Both fission and fusion can produce energy in some cases, and absorb energy in other cases.

What is the main difference between fission and fusion in terms of chemistry?

fission is the slitting of one element to produce energy but fusion is two element combined to produce that amount of fission:Ba and for fusion H.

Does nuclear fusion produce more energy than fission?

nuclear fusion produces more energy than fission ☻M.H&A.AyesPer unit mass, nuclear fusion creates energy 400 times more than nuclear fission.

Dose fusion produce mor energy then fission?

Yes. Example? the sun

Does fusion produce faster energy than fission yes or no?

"Faster energy" is not a meaningful concept.

Why does nuclear fission produce more energy than nuclear fusion?

Nuclear fission does not produce more energy than nuclear fusion. In nuclear fusion (6.4 MeV) per nucleon is given out which is much greater than the energy given out per nucleon (1 MeV) during a nuclear fission reaction.

Does fusion reactions produce a greater amount of energy than do the fission reactions?

yes, Fusion produces energy more than fission by around 400 times for same mass.

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