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They are very rare (excepting argon) and also they are inert gases.

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Q: Why was it hard to discover the noble gases?
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Why was it difficult to discover the noble gases?

Because noble gases are colorless and odorless and non-reactive.

Why was it difficult to discover noble gases?

- noble gases are very rare (excepting argon) - noble gases are practically unreactive: the haven't compounds in the nature

Why did it take so long to discover noble gases with in earths atmosphere?

It took a long time to discover the noble gases because they do not react in basic reactions.

Are noble gases hard or soft?

Gases have not hardness.

Where are the noble gases be found?

Noble gases can be found in group 8 on the periodic table (column farthest to the right). They have 8 valance electrons in their outer shell and therefore do not react with anything. This made it hard for scientists to discover them.

Where did William Ramsay discover the noble gases?

William Ramsay worked at the University College of London.

How did Dmitri Mendeleev discover the periodic table with noble gases?

When Mendeleev proposed his periodic table, the noble gases had not been discovered, so they did not play a part in his development of the periodic table.

Are noble gases metallic elements?

Noble gases are of course .... gases !

Why are the noble gases so hard to separate?

Attraction between the atoms increases

What happens when two noble gases are combined?

Noble gases do not react chemically with other noble gases.

What are the noble gases in Column 18 called?

inert gases / noble gases

What are the nonmetals in nobel gases?

There are no metals in noble gases.All are gases in noble gases.

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