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Q: Why are Antinous and the other suitors so confident that they can stay as long as they want in Odysseus and rsquo palace eating as many goats and drinking as much as they want?
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Why do the suitors think Odysseus killed Antinous?

The suitors believe Odysseus to have killed Antinous by mistake, and they threaten to kill him as well.

What do the suitors do after Odysseus kills Antinous?

The suitors, still not realizing that this is Odysseus, threaten to kill Odysseus, thinking the murder was a mistake.

Which One of the suitors threw a stool at Odysseus?


What do the suitors look for after Odysseus shoots Antinous?

After Antinous is killed, the other suitors look for their weapons so that they can kill Odysseus in revenge. They can find neither shield nor spear.

Why do the other suitors speak against Antinous?

The other suitors do not think it right that Antinous has assaulted Odysseus (the beggar), and warn that it may be some god in disguise. After realizing that Odysseus has killed Antinous intentionally and intends to kill them all, they try to appease Odysseus by blaming all the trouble on Antinous.

What does the leader of the suitors do to Odysseus?

He challenges Odysseus and of course Odysseus wins and later he kills the leader of the suitors.

What action begins Odysseus' revenge on the suitors?

Odysseus shoots a bow at Antinous... and it killed him

What is the reaction of the other suitors after Antinous strikes the disguised Odysseus?

The suitors considered Antinous ungracious for treating the beggar so poorly and warned Antinous that if the beggar were really a god, then Antinous might suffer some ill fate.

How do the suitors react when Odysseus kills Antinous?

The suitors react with outrage, and threaten to kill Odysseus. They think the killing is an accident and still do not realize Odysseus' identity or intentions.

Do the suitors know that the beggar is Odysseus?

No, Odysseus has them completely fooled, until he reveals himself after killing Antinous.

How is Odysseus killing antinous first fitting?

As leader of the suitors, Antinous led them all to their deaths by being the first to die.

How did the suitors treat the disguised Odysseus?

Most of the suitors ignored Odysseus. Some of the suitors treated him decently as a beggar, giving him some bread and some soup. Some suitors, like Antinuous, abused Odysseus verbally. Antinous threw a footstool at Odysseus.