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It is possible, but it's not the best practice. If you can easily remove the existing vinyl, then do so. If the vinyl won't peel up, then you should consider two possibilities: Remove the vinyl along with the wood underlayment (or scrape it off if your subfloor is concrete), or install new wood underlayment on top of the existing vinyl.

A third possibility is this: If the existing vinyl is securely glued to the floor, you could apply an embossing leveler (cement-based product) in a very thin skim coat over the vinyl. This seals in any stains, levels the floor, and gives the new vinyl a nice, smooth surface to lay over (or a good surface for vinyl glue to adhere to).

Most flooring manufacturers will not honor the warranty on their vinyl if it is installed over existing vinyl, unless you do the embossing leveler step above.

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Q: Can a cushion vinyl floor be laid over another cushion vinyl floor?
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How do you install vinyl sheet flooring?

Answer from Choices ( Generally, cushion vinyl is laid loosely so any imperfections in the floor don't show through over time. It can also be glued down, but the flooring needs to be completely level. Vinyl tiles or planks are glued down so the surface needs to be completely level, which is done by applying a self- leveler to the floor if required.

Why would vinyl tiles come off the floor?

The glue used to stick them to the floor is weak, or there was dirt or foreign matter under the tile, or the under floor was not completely clean when it was laid.

Can you install wood floor over vinyl floor?

only if its solid wood under and a well stuck down single layer if there is any movement ie cracks in the vinyl the wood floor is not stable and a 1/2 ply should be laid down first then rosin or felt paper

Can vinyl cushion flooring be laid over glued down vinyl flooring?

Yes - but a qualified yes. If you are talking about the 12" square vinyl floor tiles that are still securely fastened then you can go right over them. If they old tiles are lifting or loose then the answer would be no. If only one or two tiles are loose then you can remove those ones - and with a patching / floor leveling compound fill in the voids so that the entire floor is smooth and level. If you can not find a patching compound try using a modified latex thinset (for tiles). It sticks to most things and is relatively cheap and will last longer than the sheet vinyl floor. If many of the tiles are loose - remove them all. The old adhesive is starting to fail and will cause problems after you install the new floor. There are several ways to fasten sheet vinyl flooring the most common being glued down. Check the manufacturer's instructions on what the acceptable substrates are. I would highly recommend first washing (to degrease) then scuff sanding the old tiles to promote adhesion.

Can vinyl be laid over laminate floors?

No! Bad idea! Laminate is a floating floor that has to dissipate any moisture that comes up through it. If you put vinyl flooring over it, the laminate can't "breath" and it will respond to the humidity by swelling up and buckling.

Can you glue ceramic tile with vinyl glue?

Not directly as the ceramic tiles will soon show through the vinyl flooring. If the ceramics are laid on a wooden floor, you must take up the tiles and overboard with 6mm plywood. If the tiles are on a concrete floor, you can leave them down and lay a latex screed on top to provide you with a smooth floor for your vinyl

Can vinyl sheet flooring be laid over laminated wood?

yes - of course

Can solid hardwood floors be laid over vinyl flooring?

Yes. there is usually an underlayment under vinyl, so it sometimes gives you a height issue.

Past tense of the dog lies on the floor?

The dog lay on the floor.

Can wood flooring be laid over vinyl flooring?

If you are you are referring to tongue and groove flooring such as Pergo then the answer is yes. You may however want to first lay lu-on (not sure of spelling but it is a thin sheet of wood) to insure that the floor is level.

How do you spell laid to lay an egg?

That is the correct spelling of "laid" (an egg, or a new floor).

Is a fitted carpet attached to the floor?

A fitted carpet means that the carpet covers the whole of the floor area. An underlay may be laid first and the carpet laid on top. The carpet is not attached to the floor.