Frequently Asked Questions

A: You can ask most things on Answers. Certain topics, subjects, and ways of asking questions may go against our Community Guidelines, so we recommend that you check those out if you’re unsure.

A: As of right now, your Answers profile picture is based off of the way that you created your account (Facebook, Google, etc.). While you can’t currently change your profile picture on Answers, we know how important this is to our users, so stay tuned for future updates!

A: Points are a fun way to show off how much you’ve contributed to the Answers ecosystem, whether that’s through asking questions or answering them!

A: You’re unable to delete content posted by other users, but if you see something that you think goes against our Community Guidelines or is otherwise inappropriate and/or harmful, you can use the “Report” feature to alert our Community Team so that they know to take a look.