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His father, Old Hamlet. The ghost who later speaks to him.

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Q: In the beginning of the play Hamlet Hamlet is morning the death of who?
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What is the revenge in Hamlet?

There are three revenge plots in Hamlet. Hamlet is seeking revenge against Claudius for the death of Hamlet Sr., Fortinbras is seeking revenge (at the beginning of the play) against Denmark generally for the death of Fortinbras Sr. and Laertes is seeking revenge against Hamlet for the death of Polonius.

How does the king of Denmark feel toward Hamlet near the beginning of the play?

Frustrated that he won't stop brooding over his father's death

How does Hamlet's mother feel toward Hamlet near the beginning of the play?

Frustrated that he will not lighten his mood

Who is the ghost in the play Hamlet?

The ghost is the spirit of Hamlet's father, come to ask Hamlet to avenge his death.

What is the genre of the play Hamlet?

The play, Hamlet, is considered a Revenge Tragedy because Hamlet's quest for revenge results in much violence and death.

How was poison used in Hamlet?

Poison was poured into Hamlet's fathers ear, who is dead before the beginning of the play. Poison was further used by Claudius and Laertes when they try to kill Hamlet to revenge the death of Polonius. Poison is put on the sword as well as in the wine.

Who visited hamlet at beginning of the play?

His old school pal Horatio.

How would you characterize Hamlet's frame of mind at the beginning of the play?


What is the setting in the beginning of the play hamlet?

The ramparts of Elsinore Castle, Denmark.

Who is Hamlet visited by at the beginning of the play?

The ghost of his dead father. Apex.!

Why is Hamlet so upset in the beginning of the play?

If you are a student you should really know this, but His father has died and not so long later his mother married his uncle and this causes Hamlet to be upset at the beginning of the play.

What is Hamlet's feeling about death?

Hamlet's feeling of death is a well developed theme in the play. Hamlet starts off talking about death even though he is not familiar with it. As the play develops, Hamlet starts being more acquainted with this theme. Many parts of the play are good reference points to how acquainted with death he is (ie. "The to be or not to be..." soliloquy). Another important area in the play is where Hamlet talks about the skulls that the gravedigger diggs up, by this point he is now familiar with death and understands it. The theme reaches its climax in the final scene before he fights Laertes; Hoartio asks Hamlet not to fight, but Hamlet says it is his time to die. Hamlet has prepared for his death and is ready to fight.

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