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The ratings for the speakers will depend upon what '300 watts' means. If the amplifier develops 300 watts RMS total across 4 channels, this would indicate 75 watts RMS per channel. Speakers rated at 100 watts should suffice for this amplifier.

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Q: What speakers match a 300 watt 4 channel amplifier?
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How do you have a balance audio and bass?

Not much info in you question but Good Speakers connected to a 100 watt amplifier will improve the average sound system, speakers are the weakest link in the sound system so you should put most of your money there.

How can you hook up two 300 watt amps to a Home theater receiver?

Audio out (line out) from the Home Theater to audio in (line in) on the Power Amp. If you use Preamp out on the Home Theater the Volume Control will control the volume of the Power Amp and Speakers.

Will stock Bose speakers be ok with aftermarket headunit in 95 maxima?

Bose speakers are an excellent brand of speakers so just by the brand name I'd say yes. Just make the sure the speakers you're using can handle the power output from your aftermarket receiver. For example, say your unit puts out 4 channels of sound (4 speakers) at 50 watts each, make sure the speakers meet or exceed that output. It is preferred that for any power output you increase the wattage by at least 25-50 watts, preferably 50, but don't go higher than 100 watts above output. What this means that if you are putting out 4 channels of sound for 50 watts each, make sure the speakers are at least 75-100 watts. This way you don't blow them by running too much power nor will you ruin them by giving them too little power. (if you put 150 watt speskers in for example).

What wattage amp please for tevion 5.1 surround sound system speaker shows 8 ohm They are 1 meter high uprights do I need 400 600 1200 watt?

If properly manufactured, your speakers should show the rated power they are capable of handling, not just the impedance on the boxes. The total power necessary for an average home theater is 100 watts per channel, so a 7.1 receiver should have a maximum output of 700 watts, a 5.1 receiver 500 watts.

Can a 2 watt light bulb work on a lava lamp?

I don't think a two watt lamp will develop enough HEAT to work.

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Do 15 watt speakers go well with a Kenwood four channel amplifier?

No, 15 watt speakers are rated far to low to be used with an external amplifier.

Can a 15 watt amplifier power 300 watt speakers?

Yes but it will not be as loud as a bigger amp.

Can you use a400 watt speaker with150 watt amp?

You can, but the problem is your speakers will not give their optimal sound quality because your Amplifier is too weak for the speakers. So,buy an amplifier with an output power rating high then 400w.

How many watt amplifier will power two 15 inch speakers?

50 watts is a good amplifier size for use in the house. For other applications speakers usually have a power rating.

Can you run speakers with an amplifier that has a bigger rms rating than the speakers rms rating For example run an 80 watt rms speakers with a 120 watt rms amplifier?

Yes you can. Contrary to popular belief, an amplifier rated with a higher output than the speaker rating rarely damage the speakers. If the amplifier overdrives the speakers, the sound quality will be dramatically affected. Most listeners will turn the level down to reduce the distortion being heard. The amplifier's power rating is the maximum power that it can produce and it does not mean the output power will be at that level. On the other hand, an amplifier that is overloaded will deliver distorted signals to the speakers. At high power levels, the distortion can be damaging to the speakers in a way that simply over driving a speaker is not. Therefore, it is as safe to use an overpowered amplifier with speakers as it is an amplifier that is rated at the same power or even lower power than the speakers.

What is the purpose of an amplifier?

the purpose of the amplifier is to make the sound from the speakers louder then it actually is i know i have 2 2000 watt amplifiers and 4 12inch subs in my bronco

Will a 200 watt amp power 1000 watt speakers?

Yes but not very loudly, the two wattages should match.

How is the amplifier watt rated for example if its 350 watt and 2 channels does it produce a 350 watt at each channel or is it divided on the 2 channels so that it would be 175 watt for each channel?

if it is 350 rms by 2 channels it is 175 rms each channel unless it can be bridged than its 350 rms by 1 channel

Can a 350 watt amplifier destroy a 500 watt speaker?

No, the output of a 350 watt amplifier will not destroy a 500 watt capacity speaker.

What maker or model amplifier is a KA-1460B 4 Channel 800 Watt amp?

The maker or model amplifier that is a KA-1460B 4 channel 800 watt amp is Dual Electronics. Dual Electronics is the maker of high quality home, marine, and car audio solutions.

Will a 1200 watt amplifier blow out a 1000 watt subwoofer?

Technically, yes. Practically, no. Amplifiers and speakers are rated by the maximum amount of power (and at what impedance) they can handle. A 1200 watt amplifier will eventually destroy a 1000 watt speaker if it is operated at maximum power. In normal use, however, you rarely even get close to maximum rating.

Is a 200 watt guitar amplifier louder than a 100 watt guitar amplifier?


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