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Yes there are, if you type in practice for reading comprehension then it will appear and there's your test.

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Q: Are there tests online to test reading comprehension?
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What is the English Comprehension TABE test?

Tests of Adult Basic Education

What is part of the DURCH tests?

The Demand Test is NOT part of the DURCH test. WHOEVER WROTE THAT ANSWER IS A GIANT LIAR! REAL ANSWER: The Compliance Test is NOT part of the DURCH test. I know that this is correct because i just took a test and this answer made me fail that question.

What has the author Dorothy Grant Hennings written?

Dorothy Grant Hennings has written: 'Communication in action' -- subject(s): Language arts (Elementary), Oral communication, Creative writing (Elementary education) 'Words are Wonderful' 'Instructor's manual with test items: Communication in action' 'Words, sounds, & thoughts' -- subject(s): Language arts (Elementary) 'Teaching communication and reading skills in the content areas' -- subject(s): Academic writing, Composition and exercises, Correlation with content subjects, English language, Language arts, Oral communication, Reading, Study and teaching 'Content and craft: written expression in the elementary school' -- subject(s): Language arts (Elementary) 'Reading with meaning' -- subject(s): College readers, Reading (Higher education)

What is alexander's passalong test?

Alexander's pass-along test is a psychological test that is used to measure intelligence. It was first started in London, England in 1960.

How does Malcolm test Macduff?

Malcom tests Macduff by saying he is going to be a horrible king. He says that this is a test to see if Macduff will continue to support him even if he was worse than Macbeth. If Macduff said he would then Malcolm would know him for a toady who would agree to anything. He then claims to be well-nigh perfect, and that he has never told a lie before the whopper he just told to Macduff. Yeah, right. Anyway, Macduff is prepared to go along with him because he would do anything to get rid of Macbeth.

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What is proficency testing?

A proficiency test tests an individuals level of understanding. A proficiency test can be done in math, reading or comprehension.

How many types of reading comprehension passages are in the Compass reading placement test?

There are five types of reading comprehension passages on the Compass reading placement test.

What is the LSAT?

It is the Law School Admissions Test. It is given as a multiple choice exam. It tests reading comprehension and problem solving.

What aspect of reading does the ACT reading test measure?


What does a short answer question test you on?

reading comprehension

Where can I find a 4th-grade-level reading comprehension test?

Sample reading comprehension tests are provided by educators across the country. Good luck to your child on their quest. Just keep at it and I'm sure they will start doing well.

What is an AR test?

An AR test stands for accelerated reader. They are tests mostly children take online at school to test their comprehension. You read a book and answer questions based on it.

How do you determine reading levels of elementary school students in comprehension?

Comprehension tests, usually in the form of paragraphs to be read with questions about the reading following, have always been part of tests to determine reading levels. These test are, however, considered by some to be controversial, because the often do not take cultural and ethnic backgrounds into account in the creation of their questions.

What is the English Comprehension TABE test?

Tests of Adult Basic Education

How do you take an Accelerated Reader test online?

Students do not have access to AR tests so read the book and take a practice test using another website. This will give you confidence and increase your reading comprehension on the book. and others have practice book tests. Hope this helps!

How do you spell the thing you test?

There are innumerable things that can be "tested" including intelligence (IQ tests), reflexes (medical tests), comprehension (reading tests), and physical fitness.However, in the scientific method, what you are testing is your hypothesis, to see if it can be confirmed experimentally.

When to use true or false test?

These tests should be used when trying to test recall/comprehension of a broad content area.

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