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Only the stressed syllables are marked. One single quotation mark for a minor stress and the double quote for a major stress.

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Q: How do you mark stressed and unstressed syllables?
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How many stressed syllables are in Dactylic trimeter?

...Iamb (Iambic)Unstressed + Stressed.........Two Syllables...Trochee (Trochaic)Stressed + Unstressed.........Two Syllables...Spondee (Spondaic)Stressed + Stressed.........Two Syllables...Anapest (Anapestic)Unstressed + Unstressed + Stressed.........Three Syllables...Dactyl (DactylicStressed + Unstressed + Unstressed.........Three Syllables

Why stressed syllables are different from unstressed syllables?

Stressed syllables are emphasized more in speech than unstressed syllables.

Which syllables in the word causes are stressed or unstressed?

The first syllable is stressed. The second is unstressed.

What type of verse is ten syllables long and alternates stressed and unstressed syllables?

Iambic pentameter is ten syllables long and alternates stressed and unstressed syllables.

What are stressed and unstressed syllables?

unstressed syallablesi dont know

What are the stressed and unstressed syllables in where the sidewalk ends?

"Side" in sidewalk is stressed.

Which of these terms as a metrical foot pattern in poetry features one stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables?

One stressed syllable followed by two unstressed is called a dactyl, and a line of verse written in that style is called dactyllic. Here are the other kinds of metrical feet as well: iamb: unstressed, stressed trochee: stressed, unstressed dactyl: stressed, unstressed, unstressed anapest: unstressed, unstressed, stressed amphibrach: unstressed, stressed, unstressed amphimacer: stressed, unstressed, stressed bacchius: unstressed, stressed, stressed antibacchius: stressed, unstressed, unstressed pyrrhus: unstressed, unstressed spondee: stressed, stressed tribrach: unstressed, unstressed, unstressed molossus: stressed, stressed, stressed

What are the stressed and unstressed syllables in i take thee at thy word?

Take and word are stressed, the rest unstressed.

What are unstressed syllables?

These are rather the opposite of accented , or stressed syllables. Any syllable that is not accented could be called unstressed.

A regular pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables?


What are the two types of syllables in a poem?

Stressed and unstressed.

The pattern of stressed and unstressed syllables in poetry?


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