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The quote essentially says: Water will wash away the blood/murders off our hands. The quote means: Lady Macbeth believes that something as basic as "a little water" will cleanse their conscience. The quote matters: Here, Shakespeare reveals Lady Macbeth's psyche.

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Q: What does lady macbeth tells her husband to do what as it will rid them of guilt?
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What examples of understatements are in Macbeth?

Lady Macbeth tells Macbeth to rinse his hands of Duncan's blood; you cannot wash away guilt.

Who tells Macbeth that lady Macbeth is dead?

Macbeth's servant tells him of Lady Macbeth's death.

When does Macbeth have a sense of guilt?

when lady Macbeth dies

How did guilt manifest itself in the play Macbeth?

Guilt is shown through the play by both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. The killing of Duncan is the apex where both characters switch roles of guilt, where Macbeth felt all the guilt before murdering, and Lady Macbeth is stained with guilt afterwards which leads to her insanity and suicide.

How does Lady Macbeth go crazy?

Lady Macbeth goes crazy because of what she and her husband, Macbeth, did to Duncan. Guilt just starts to catch up with her. Perfect example of her craziness is Act 5 Scene 1

Does Lady Macbeth kill Ducan's guards?

NO! Lady Macbeth does not kill king Duncan's Guard Macbeth does to prove his guilt.

Did Lady Macbeth had a illness?

Lady Macbeth was stricken with guilt. She was not actually "sick" but rather mentally disturbed.

What does lady Macbeth's disturbed sleep represent?

Lady Macbeth's disturbed sleep represents her feelings of unstoppable guilt. This guilt will later lead her to commit suicide.

Who did lady Macbeth guilt Macbeth into killing?

Lady Macbeth talked Macbeth into killing his cousin, King Duncan of Scotland, who was a guest in his house at the time.

Why does lady Macbeth tell he husband to be bright and jovial among guest?

so as to hide the guilt of having murdered King Duncan.

How does Lady Macbeth control Macbeth?

Lady Macbeth controls Macbeth the same way any other woman would control a man. She specifically tells her husband that she will not lay with him unless he does what she asks him to do; which is kill Duncan and Banquo and the others.

Are Macbeth and lady Macbeth sympathetic?

they were not, gut then both started feeling guilt. Lady macbeth commited suicide, while macbeth started seeing things

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