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The Landscape with the Fall of Icarus was his first painting

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Q: What was pieter bruegel the elder's first painting?
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What are 3 of Pieter Bruegel's accomplishments?

first he lived with a christian background second made amazing art work and tird had goten married

What impact did Pieter Bruegal the Elder have on the Renaissance?

Pieter Bruegel is known as one of the first renaissance artists to recognize a landscape on its own and not just the backgrounds of religious paintings. He also decided to paint about peasants who fascinated him. He also made paintings that were very complex and hard to understand. This led to a whole new creative style of painting, which was about peasants and landscapes, not just portraits and religious paintings. So Pieter decided to paint what he wanted to paint and not what every other artist at that time painted. This influenced other painters at that time as well.

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the love painting

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